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The green pastures of Ejmunds Farm

Ejmunds Gård (the farm)

From the Ejmunds Farm of Gotland, Sweden, comes the finest quality beef!


  • Free-range cattle
  • Organic with climate certification
  • Natural pastures
  • Majority of feed grown on own farm
  • Quality assured beef production
  • Locally produced
  • Deliciously marbled beef
  • Animals lovingly cared for

The farm has been in the Norman family since the 1860s and is now owned and operated by Odd Norman. Under his lead Ejmunds now counts as one of the largest farms in Sweden, and is known for its high quality beef. Quite uniqely for Sweden, the beef from the farm is marketed under our own brand: Ejmunds Gårdskött. Gård means farm and kött means beef, and that's just what it is - beef from our own farm! 

In May 2012 Ejmunds became the first beef farm in Sweden -also in the world! to get a climate certification with Swedish seal. This means that Ejmunds alone reduced the CO2 spillage with approx. 100 tones of CO2!

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Our products include e.g.  steaks,  hamburgers and meatballs,  and are sold in grocery stores and restaurants mainly in the Gotland-Stockholm area. The marketing is handled by Ejmunds Gårdskött.

You're welcome to visit us at the farm, or contact us for more information!

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